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Watch Repair Houston, TX

Jewelry Repairs & Maintenance in Houston, TX

Shaw’s Jewelry offers a full range of professional jewelry repairs and refurbishment services. Our jewelry store's friendly staff will gladly inspect your fine jewelry for any issues that might not be detectable to the naked eye. Our in-house master jewelers will restore your jewelry to its original state or better. With the proper care and maintenance, your jewelry can last for generations. We know how much sentimental value your jewelry has – here at Shaw’s Jewelry, there’s no repair that’s too small for us to handle!
  • Broken Jewelry Repairs
  • Cleaning and Refinishing
  • Custom Jewelry Creations
  • Prong Retipping
  • Ring Sizing
  • Diamond Replacements
  • Jewelry Modifications
  • Watch Repair
  • Replace Clasps
  • Reshank Rings
  • Rhodium Plating
  • Clasp Replacement
Jewelry Repair Houston, TX

Full Range Watch Repair & Refurbishment Services

Shaw’s Jewelry offers an array of watch services ranging from a simple battery replacement to a complete watch overhaul. All watches require periodic maintenance in order for them to continue to run optimally. There is no exact recommended frequency for maintenance, as all watches are different and the physical stress the watch endures varies from user to user. Most watchmakers suggest that watches be serviced every three to five years. A basic watch service consists of cleaning, oiling and adjustment (or COA). Just like any mechanical system, some parts wear out and will need to be replaced. Our professionally trained watch jewelers will inspect your watch for any defective or malfunctioning internal and external parts. Original genuine replacement parts will be used if needed. Feel free to call us at 281-862-8241 or visit us for a free repair estimate!
  • Basic Service
  • Replacement
  • Complete Overhaul
  • Battery Replacement
  • Crystal Replacement/ Refinishing
  • Calibrate/Regulate Movement
  • Quartz Conversion 
  • Clean/Polish Case 
  • Clean/Polish Bracelet 
  • Gasket Replacement
  • Hand Refinishing Replacement
  • Stem/Crown
  • Clean/Polish Bracelet
  • Pressure Test
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Watch Repair Houston, TX

New & Pre-Owned Luxury Watch Loans

 We offer loans onjewelry and fine watches – see what we carry hereYou can receive a temporary loan based on your jewelry or you can sell it right out. We buy broken gold, fine jewelry, certified diamonds and fine watches. You can also trade in your fine jewelry and watches for further savings when you choose to shop with us. Most items are evaluated on their condition and market value. However, some items are evaluated differently and need to be present in the store to receive a quote. Trade in your old watch for a new pre-owned luxury watch today!

We provide:

   • Jewelry 60 day loans (renewable)
    • We buy gold, diamonds, fine jewelry and watches
    • Trade in your gold, diamonds, fine jewelry and watches for more savings
Pre-Owned Rolex Houston, TX

Jewelry Appraisals

Our insurance appraisals consist of a detailed description of your jewelry and declare the average replacement cost for your jewelry. The detailed description of your jewelry is important in this type of appraisal, as it serves as the blueprint for your jewelry insurance. We verify authenticity and create a detailed description of your jewelry’s design, as well as the type of metal used and its weight. We also professionally determine the size, color, clarity, and quality of diamonds and gemstones. If you possess a certification from an institute like G.I.A. or E.G.L., we encourage you to bring it at the time of evaluation as it documents your diamond’s anatomy with acute professional detail. Such detail will aid us in the price evaluation process for your diamonds and gemstones. We offer complementary appraisals for any fine jewelry or fine watches purchased at our store.
Jewelry Repair Houston, TX

Come to Shaw's Jewelry store of Houston, TX for all your fine jewelry and watch repair needs!

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