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Declare your eternal love with a stunning engagement ring. The search for the perfect engagement ring can be a little overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Our educated and experienced fine jewelry team is here to make this process as simple and enjoyable as possible. Whether you decide to select the diamond ring with your bride-to-be or to surprise her, we are here to assist you in sealing the deal. We carry a selection of modern and classic wedding bands. If we don’t have exactly what you are looking for in stock, we can order a diamond jewelry for you or custom make one to your liking.

Loose Diamonds

Our friendly diamond consultants at Shaw’s Jewelry will assist you in finding the perfect diamond ring for your money. We have an array of diamonds for your every need. We have loose diamonds for engagement rings, custom rings, pendants, stud earrings and everything in between.

Engagement Rings Buying Guide

There are several different styles to choose from, but they can be narrowed down to three general styles:
Diamond Rings Houston, TX
Here are a few popular cuts.

Diamond Color

The most noticeable attribute of a diamond is its color. With the exception of fancy colored diamonds, the most valuable diamonds are those with the least color. The color scale for transparent diamonds is ordered thusly: D-F (colorless), G-J (near colorless), K-M (faint yellow), and Z (light yellow).

Diamond Clarity

A diamond’s clarity is measured by either the existence or absence of visible flaws. Tiny surface blemishes or internal inclusions – even those that can only be seen under magnification with a 1OX jeweler’s loupe – can alter the brilliance of the diamond and thus affect its value. Clarity levels begin with Flawless (FL & IF), followed by Very Very Slight (VVS 1 & 2), Very Slight (VS1 & 2), Slightly Included (SI1 & 2), and Included (I1, 2, & 3).
Diamond Jewelry Houston, TX
Want to have a one of kind ring? Our designer team is here to assist create the ring of your dreams. Custom made diamond jewelry tailored to your taste. Come in and find out how to get started.

Choose a unique engagement ring at Shaw's Jewelry of Houston, TX!

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